Does Nakasone still run Japan?

I wonder about this, in light of the prosecutors’ actions against Ozawa’s aides, and this piece in the Saturday edition of the New York Times.

The quote underneath the picture was this:

“For the development of Japan’s democracy, I did not think it was good for the Liberal Democratic Party to last forever, or for it to be a permanent ruling party. Being knocked out of power is a good chance to study in the cram school of public opinion.” YASUHIRO NAKASONE

Knowing how the sempai system is really so strong in this society, it’s hard for me not to see that 91-year-old Mr. Nakasone would not been seen as the senior statesman. At least within his own party.

And since his party was the one that put most of the bureaucracy—and the prosecutor’s offices—in their jobs, it’s hard to see how, when the right phone call came along, that the prosecutors would start using whatever they had on Ozawa to start the levers of justice to work.

After all, the Democratic Party of Japan won as clean a sweep as they come last August. And then, suddenly, their top guy is looking very nervous night after night on the news. The prosecutor is after him, via his aides who carried the illicit dough around in the shadows.

Who gave the prosecutor his job?

Who does the prosecutor owe?

In the end, isn’t it that 91-year-old guy? The guy would not have had a career except for the fact that Jimintou got him started. Wo where are his loyalties?

In the Western World, we beiieve in the true revolution. Throughout Western history, the old powers were kicked out, and new ones installed. Even if the money power routinely stayed the same, or lasted beyond the takeovers and coups.

I don’t think Eastern history played out in the same way. So the seiken koutai was less of a house cleaning than a chance to shake up what clearly wasn’t working.

Well, at some point, somebody decided that the house cleaning was turning into a bunch of screw ups. Then, the next thing you know, all the Shadow Shogun’s shit (that is, Ozawa’s shit) was being investigated by the prosecutor.

Who controls the prosecutor?