American politics: what a mess!

It’s discouraging to read the news from back home anymore.

If I get this straight, Congress was working on health care reform. The bill was being tossed around in the Senate for weeks. Finally, they pass something, but it’s laden with the handful of extras that the Senators like to throw in.

(Some Republican guy in Alabama is holding up 70 presidential job appointments because he’s not getting some special deal for Alabama that’s unrelated to health care or anything . . . )

Then, there were three elections. Four, really:

1) a special election for a Republican district in New York State, that went for the Democrats.

2) the governor’s race in Virginia, a usual Republican state, that went for the Republican

3) the governor’s race in New Jersey, a usual Democratic state, which went 49-46 for the Republican (Chris Christie a/k/a Christie Fatman). The ex-guv, Corzine, lost popularity early on and could never quite recover (like Florio).

4) the special election for U.S. senate in Massachusetts, which was won by a Republican. The seat had been Democratic Ted Kennedy’s for almost 50 years.

To me, these four elections are neither here nor there. But the American mainstream media and other chattering classes have turned this into “votes against health care reform!” And certainly the Republicans, who just want Barack Obama to fail, set the word in the wind and pile on to keep it out there.

It sounds like a lot of nonsense. People want this health care thing done. If the bill ain’t perfect, you go back and fix it. You can always pass something to fix what wasn’t the best—I can’t figure out why people conveniently forget this.

It’s like the Republicans just want Obama to have nothing. And then later in 2010, when 2 years have passed, it looks like Obama is a guy who can’t get anything done.

I’d rather see some bills on his desk, let him sign them, and then if there is some big “flaw”, pass an amendment. I’m sure the Republicans won’t hold back their votes on anything that is clearly “wrong” . . .

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