Barack Obama’s David Plouffe sent me this neat chart. But ouch, the recession still hurts!

Courtesy of Organizing for America

By now probably everyone on the Democratic Party’s Organizing for America mailing list has seen this. If you have been following the job loss story as it’s been going on, you know that the recession is totally a product of the Bush Administration. Obama came in the same way the hero comes in, and the villain puts innocent people in danger in order to slow the hero down.

It’s like they didn’t want him to accomplish anything, and so they screwed the economy up nicely just as he was getting in.

But I guess for people who haven’t paid as close attention, this is some graph. The increasing job losses pretty much stop when Obama gets in, and they decline through 2009 to recent months.

I see they brought back Gotham Font from the campaign for the graph’s design. Gotham always reminds me of the New York City subway system, and a bit the populist era of the ’30’s and ’40’s. And, of course, Batman hails from around Gotham City, or at least is always getting Commissioner Gordan out of a jam there.

So if it hasn’t been crystal clear that the Obama team walked into this mess, created during the days of his predecessor, then this graph helps. When McCain was telling David Letterman that the economy was “cratering”, he wasn’t kidding.

But I’d also love to see a graph that shows when and how we can get these several million jobs back! Are they all gone for good, or can Congress beef up the process a bit to get us a nice 1975-76 or 1983-84 style recovery going–one where the recession ends and the jobs come roaring back.

They keep talking about these projections of high unemployment for the next five years or so. And if that’s true, Obama’s a one-termer, no matter how many elucidating graphs come out through the e-mail. Being in tough economic times hurts! And like I blogged a couple of months ago, the healing cure that is the only prescription is a job for everyone who wants one.

I like the font that hearkens back to a couple generations ago. But I would also like to see the Democrats adopt that same kind of full-employment language and spirit that they used to infuse practically all their policies with in the mid 20th century.

I would really like to see that.