Obama Administration has actually named a full slate to EEOC. Plus General Counsel. Senate holding things up!

On my post from earlier this week, I had been under the impression that the American Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) was short the full complement of five commissioners because President Obama was going one-at-a-time.

But, in fact, Obama had presented last year a full slate to the Senate, and all the nominees received a favorable vote by the HELP committee of the Senate.

These would be:

Jacqueline Berrien as EEOC Chair,
Victoria Lipnic as a Commissioner
Chai Feldblum as Commissioner,

and P. David Lopez as General Counsel.

None of the nominees has yet to be confirmed by the full Senate, and this is inexcusable.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a product of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, has important responsibilities to assure that the employment civil rights laws of our country are carried out.

Not having the full complement of top officials sworn in only means delay and a certain injustice for those who rely on the Commission to investigate and right wrongs. (Justice delayed is justice denied).

The President was entitled to his appointees months ago. He has appointed two Democrats and a Republican, making the full complement 3-2 Democratic. Again, as I said the other day, this is fair because the President is a Democrat and he won.

All the nominees are competent and should have been confirmed by the Senate weeks and weeks ago.

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