Shout out to IBM, peeking in Poughkeepsie

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My recent commentary on IBM seems to have attracted the attention of at least one person in IBM in New York state. I am not even trying search engine optimization (SEO)!

Hey, whoever you are! There are some people in Japan wondering why IBM does not substantively respond to filings put with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). And that tend to wonder if a big company such as IBM even troubles itself with American laws anymore. (But instead, just wants the American government contracts . . . )

Instead of surfing the web, why don’t you encourage the HR department, or Public Relations, to get on the ball about these matters, eh?

And upgrade from Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, of all things. You’re supposed to be a high technology company, on the cutting edge. Too cheap to get Windows 7 and IE 8?