Shibuya Tunnel Walk (which I missed!)

Shibuya246 has some great pictures of the inside of the Ohashi Junction interchange.

So stupid of me! I have been watching them build this thing for as long as I can remember. I got the publicity mailer in the mail a few weeks ago. But I’ve had some erratic sleeping habits since the hot water issue (Feb. 27-28), and ending up napping through the event!

It’s my own fault, but, man, am I pissed about that.

2 thoughts on “Shibuya Tunnel Walk (which I missed!)

  1. Oh, man! I missed it too!

    My last apartment was right near the Tomigaya on/off ramp. We could see the exhaust towers being build from our veranda. It’s one of the reasons we moved, actually. I remember when they opened the Ikebukuro-Shinjuku portion for a walkthrough about 2 years ago and though that that looked like fun.

    Oh well. Maybe we will be able to walk the Ohashi Junction next year.

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