Taking something further.

From people who follow me, I get the suggestion that I should take one or many of the things I post about “further”. That is, to make an issue about some “wrong” or not-so-great thing that’s going on in Japan.

Let me tell you though, that is not as easy as it sounds.

When I started blogging in 2003, (and this was in New Jersey), the idea was to use the new technology to share points of view across a group of people who would find the blog. People would find me based off searching for the very things that I was writing about.

When you are doing this sort of targeted communication, it brings an inner joy when you see many people hit the site for a topic, or someone else actually stop by for 30 minutes and read. Really read.

Maybe like the artist who paints. They paint, because they see something, and they want to create what they see. Or just create something. And have other people appreciate it. Or not. Just to do it, maybe.

The cavemen who were painting deer on the cave walls. Why were they doing it? Were they wondering that 30,000 years later, people would discover what they painted and say “why?”

So I am not in that category at all, of course.

The problem is about “taking something further”. When I am out blogging, as I have done on-and-off for about 7 years, I am trying to call something to your attention. That’s a good reason why anybody ever did write, right?

But this thing of “do something more about”. Well, what?

You can’t change the world through blogging. You can only get your views out there. And however much credible backup you have, if you are trying to really show something, well, the reader has to trust you and the backup, or just the backup.

My theme has been: Let’s find the rule and then figure out what to do, and talk about the people screwing around. When it was local politics in New Jersey, it was more like, “this is what I know about local politics and history, and, whoa, how about this sh*t (being shoved at you as if you would be dumb enough to believe it)?”

Living in Japan, it’s “hey, can you believe this latest thing and let’s look at it a bit.”

My consistent theme is “hey, what is supposed to be, and contrast to that, what have we been (are being) told?”

I think that is a major motivator for many people who blog. Think of all the big ones. That’s the theme, isn’t it?

The mainstream press used to serve this function a bit on the editorial page. But when blogging really hit it during the last decade, the editorial page became redundant.

But, you notice, no one ever insisted that the editorial page guys “take something further”. It was simply enough that they put their views out. So this is what I think people who blog regularly do. And there is so much out there now, that honestly, everything written won’t be read. It’s like Eleanor Rigby.