“Sipsey Street Irregulars” and Brick Throwing at Democratic offices

I am surprised, and yet not surprised, at this news.

The Washington Post reports that a “militiaman” (I assume this means a kind-of petty domestic terrorist) advocated throwing bricks at Democratic Party offices to his readership, and the presumption is that some people then went out and did just that. (Seems like a safe conclusion).

So I checked out his website, which is called “Sipsey Street Irregulars”. I don’t link to it, but you can easily find it.

Well, this guy has been pegged as some kind of extremist, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been tracking him, maybe since these type of self-styled militant fellas gained prominence around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing (1995).

News also says that Mr. Vanderboegh collects a social security disability check ($1300 — seems kind of high) because he has lifestyle-induced disabilities like diabetes and high-blood pressure. I don’t know how he reconciles decrying all this alleged “socialism” under the Obama Administration with the fact that he is basically getting a welfare check from the same.

In the 19th century, there was no social security disability check. And not in around the time of the real “Sons of Liberty” either. (Not the modern-day, armband variety.)

I am a believer in free speech, but the man isn’t making any sense. He’s got one post up about Kristallnacht and the modern Democratic Party, but the crowd he’s playing to is using tactics right out of the Beer Hall Putsch. This was Hitler’s whole thing that Germany was “losing its direction” and “should go back to a simpler time”. Only Hitler was focusing on Germany’s defeat in World War I and the social and economic upheaval of the Weimar Republic.

These guys keep playing a historical tape like it’s always 1978, and picking at any change that happened with “the Sixties” as if that is the final breaking point of society. And I don’t know why none of them can seem to manage to find a 50-star U.S. flag. You know, the real one. They’ve got their made-up flags. (Vanderboegh has a 13-star one with a Roman numeral III included in the arrangement.)

That is not a real American flag. There’s 50 stars, and it’s the one Congress approved and President Eisenhower signed into law. Not the Glenn Beck one with 48, either. Fifty.

It hurts to lose an election. But I think with some of these guys, they don’t understand a damn thing about being an American. And frankly they’re embarrassing, because they wrap themselves in these notions that they are the equivalent of people who history admires, yet there’s not much to admire about them.