One noisy apartment building

I have already mentioned about my place here before.

Apparently tonight, there is a little bit of fight going on, on the floor below me, between the long-term renter right below me, and the transients that a “modeling company” houses here through a special deal with the landlord.

I don’t know the whole story, but from what I understand, the long-termer has had to put up with the thin wall between him and (usually) her and (usually) a boyfriend for quite some time.

Tonight, I think there was the proverbial “last straw”, because he has been going at it for at least an hour.

This is what happens, maybe, in a country with gun control. (And I am of course for gun control.) The flip-side of it is that people can come into a place and think they can just do anything.

I am sure the wall downstairs is paper-thin, just like mine above. You can imagine how in another country one well-placed bullet shot would put enough of a scare into the perpetrators that the problem would be solved. (The trajectory above anyone’s head, of course. Of course!)

It’s amazing what people do in a country with gun control!

I know the landlord agent doesn’t pay any respect to the guy down below me. But maybe that’s because MacArthur didn’t bring enough hanging rope. Another post!

[Update: I happened to meet up with the fellow, and it turns out that he lost his keitai (cell phone) and some dough. Oh. Here I thought it was the inevitable confrontation. I’m not sure whether to be relieved or taken aback by what goes on.

What I mentioned about the sweet deal some talent agency has, is that they pay the landlord a fixed fee in order to keep rooms open for the modeling staff that gets flown in. I’ve been told this figure is rather low—it would have to be, because otherwise you’d just put people up in a hotel, right?

By the way: What is the difference between paying a landlord a low price to use a room “when you need to”, and what the normal tenant has as a arrangement? (Use the room as a home.) What a con that is, eh? Maybe pay 60,000 yen to “leave a room available”, and 100,000 to live in it?

I might be stupid, and maybe I am, but “leave a room open to use it” sounds a lot like renting a room and not always occupying it.

I hate the word games these people play.]

[Update #2: Of course, it’s nothing like this Philadelphia apartment building, which I lived in in the early part of the 1990’s, as a poor law school graduate and political worker.

City police seize guns, drugs in off-campus raid

That was one scary situation when it happened. The man in the story lived in the apartment at the corner of an “L” shaped hallway. Since he had an American style “EXIT” sign above his door, the suspect trying to get away failed to see the little arrow to the right on the sign, and busted his door down.

That night, I dared not open my front door, especially after one of the people outside said, “don’t shoot!” I only found out what happened about three weeks later, when I saw the Daily Pennsylvanian lying face up in the street. The headline was the same as you see for the link.]