Here’s hoping Obama picks Judge Diane Wood

Glenn Greenwald in Salon has a piece up praising the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge. (I would place the Seventh Circuit somewhere around the midwest, maybe Ohio, Indiana and Illinois?)

Aside that Judge Wood is originally from Westfield, New Jersey, the talent that we need on the Supreme Court right now are people who are judge’s judges—who aren’t coming in with an agenda like most every Republican pick since President Ford picked John Paul Stevens.

President Obama should use his picks to reinforce the tradition of competence, and not ideology, on the court. Ever since the Republicans began to politicize high court nominations in the late 1960’s (Abe Fortas), it’s been harder and harder to land good people on the Supreme Court. In fact, it almost seems to happen by exception.

Already the Senate Republicans have started their game of saying who would be “acceptable” to them and threatening to shut down the Senate if they don’t get their way. (Typical Southerners.) Unfortunately, acceptable to them isn’t a good enough standard for the rest us.

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