U.S.-Japan Futenma (re)negotiations to begin Wednesday

I caught the headline on a newspaper I saw in the conbini, and surfing around the net.

One interesting precondition that Washington is including in the negotiations (which are really renegotiations subsequent to Japan’s breach) are: whatever locality that is going to host the facility has to agree to go along with it.

This is a masterstroke on Washington’s part. Why should we continued to be painted as interlopers? Clearly, this anti-Americanism was part of the Ozawa/DPJ strategy, and it’s good to see that that American side is not picking up the bait.

I for one am a little disgusted at how Japan doesn’t honor treaties. I know that spite is a strong influence in what so many Japanese with power do. They think that once you are in a position of power, you have to disagree, break promises and do spiteful things, otherwise it appears that you really don’t have power. They equate power with breaking promises, ignoring laws, and breaching contracts.

After all, if you have power, who is someone else to tell you to do anything, right? It’s like that.

You just look at the shit way the Japanese have enforced the U.S.-Japan social security totalization treaty, and it shows you. The United States enrolls Japanese nationals in America in social security—-no ifs, ands or buts. The Japanese are still playing this game that you can “choose” to be enrolled in Japanese social insurance. You should be, they will tell you, but there is no enforcement of it, and so it might as well be dead letter.

If your employer in America doesn’t withhold your social security, the IRS has a special form for you to dime the company and get the IRS on the case. In Japan, if you make an issue, you probably lose your job.

So the Social Security Totalization Treaty is a dead letter except for the payout provisions. And the Okinawa Reployment Treaty has so far been a dead letter. That’s what these folks seem to be good for, ne?

I keep meaning to post about OSAC and “threats” to American interests in Japan, plus this stuff. A good topic for tomorrow.