Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union up and running (全国一般東京ゼネラルユニオン ・ 東ゼン)

I had mentioned about this Nambu FWC breakaway group last month, (here). It’s interesting to see that they have a website up, and so hopefully there has been a resolution to issues surrounding the split.

To me, I was shocked and a bit saddened that the split happened, so if it all worked out for the best, then great. “For the best” is a term I [had] better define though. It sounded like the final dispute revolved around a money issue where the Tozen group voted themselves a budget out of Nambu Foreign Worker Caucus money, then resigned from Nambu and took the money.

It’s like I was saying last month. The three keys to success for a foreigner union in Japan are these:

1) No transients;

2) Beat a path to the Embassy and to government officials, unions and media outlets back home; and

3) sh*t costs money!

If the Tozen group is confident of getting a stream of money, either from dues or settlements, I am sure they are going to be a big success. It was quite a cast of characters, but a number of really fine people, too.

But I have the feeling that they won’t have the budget. It’s just my hunch, and playing the hunch game, you have to make a prediction. (I just get the sense that the split has not been exactly settled yet, and Nambu is going to want the money back. And/or that the rank-and-file, after the initial enthusiasm, won’t quite have as much later, when the dues checks must be written.)

So good luck to Tozen! May you gather assets, and not have them frozen!