Byouki III

This is the hump day. The day when I finally put my head down to take a nap, and wake up in the next “a.m.”

It looks like I’ve had the same intestinal bug that I had around Christmas 2008, when I was working for the big international (with “International” in its name) and they gave me a hard time about going to the doctor.

Only this time the fever got to 100 (rather than 103 something) when I decided to get checked out. The diagnosis is the same intestinal bug, which just has me worried, because it feels it’s a Japan thing. (I never had this happen stateside.) And I have to wonder what I am doing to bring this on. Too much rice? Not enough processed wheat flour, butter, sugar, and salt added into my diet? Convenience store plastic wrap?

So I go home with a prescription for a probiotic (Bio Three), which helps to put the good bacteria into the intestines. And like I say, after the day I fall asleep, I get better. But for about a week, it’s quite a bug, with fever, aching joints, light headedness (trouble standing, etc.) And both times now, it’s come on like it is something that’s going to go away the next day.

When you are living alone and sick in Tokyo, you really get the sense of how alone you are. And the 1K becomes quite a box.