Temple University Japan update: who pays the rent?

One of my other outstanding projects is to learn how the rent for Temple University Japan here in Tokyo is paid. What my research showed last year was that the rent portion of the school’s costs is purposely left off the breakdown of “TESS” expenses in the Temple University annual report. (“TESS” is Temple University Japan Campus.)

How the school gets away with this is to compare TESS with the school’s larger operation in Philadelphia. It also has a major hospital system within that city.

The Philadelphia operations are almost entirely on property that is owned by Temple. What this means is that there isn’t a specific line item for “rent” in the breakout reports Temple produces.

It looks like what happens is the apparent conclusion–that Temple University Japan doesn’t own its facilities–is left out of the breakout.

I contacted the controller’s office about this but didn’t get a response. One such response could have been: “TESS fully covers its rental and labor costs with tuition charged to students attending Temple University Japan.” But I didn’t get that. Because what I think happens is that Temple in Philadelphia covers the rent for the Japan campus, and then the students who attend Temple Japan just pay for the labor (teaching and support staff).

The auditor lets them get away with it, because this nondislosure is deemed “not material”.

But I don’t care whether its a rounding error in a multi-billion dollar organization or not. If it’s $700,000 a year going out the door, that’s $7 million in ten years.

Temple just shut hospitals and laid off staff in Philadelphia last year, telling the people who lost their jobs that they didn’t have the money. Meanwhile, they spend money to subsidize foreign branches of their campus?

No wonder no one wants to give answers . . .