Frustrations: “Overqualified”

Picking up on what I was talking about regarding job searches. This was on the topic, “is any job better than no job?”

I am amazed at the number of times people get told “you’re overqualified!” The opposite of this are employers who look for such specific job “fills” (meaning: they are looking for the candidate who matches 28 or 29 of a list of 30 half-arbitrary “criteria”.)

If you go out and get an extensive and varied education—in both academics and practical, professional licensure, you should be able to handle an assorted number of jobs (starting with door opener). But you get zapped for not being the “right fit”.

If you manage to fill 24 of 30 qualifications on a job form, you become “not quite what we’re looking for”. (Where, realistically, there is no perfect match.)

Yet we keep telling young people to go out, spend money in the Education Establishment, and garner as much knowledge and skills that they can. And don’t lie and leave things off the resume.

But if they do this, they may find themselves “overqualified”.

Which is it?

Are we living in a flexible, skills-based society? Or one where we are supposedly perfectly fitting cogs, with blinders, in a pyramid?