Returning vet wins $118,000 in USERRA case.

The story, from last year, here.

This is what makes me sick about the Berlitz Japan union case. The American reservist who got canned by Berlitz apparently never took the issue to the U.S. Department of Labor “VETS” department (VETS stands for Veterans’ Employment and Training Service.) So no one in the government knows that this happened to the guy at Berlitz.

And it’s another failing of the foreign workers’ union. The thing about being a union of foreigners is that you’d think you’d have this well-worn path back to officials of your home countries, that could lend assistance to your predicament in Japan.

But no, you don’t have any shit like that going on. Because in some cases, the union guy is alienated from the home country. Maybe owes some dough, maybe doesn’t want the authorities knowing that he’s here. (Or she’s here as the case may be.) Maybe it’s that they know to pound one nail with one hammer, and that’s it. Even though the Japanese bureaucracy won’t let the nail go through the wood.

Meanwhile, real people need to benefit from real laws that were passed by serious legislatures in home countries overseas. Honestly, these are the people the Japanese listen to more than they do foreigners trying to negotiate the system here. Foreigners who expect that the Japanese will open up their legal system to them for a fair hearing are fools, IMHO. It never works, and now that the pattern has been established, only a fool would trust getting relief from the Japanese bureaucracy.

Much better to send up a flare back home. This is what gets noticed here, the fact that someone might upset the sweetheart deals that have been made concerning the honey pot of trans-Pacific trade and relations. Don’t mess with that honey pot!