Foreign workers in Japan are shunted into dispatch. Now, in some places, they’re not being paid?!

I’ve seen this pop up in a few arenas, and got a phone call about it last night.

A certain educational dispatch agency is being accused of making contracts with school districts, and then not paying the dispatch teaching staff who work in those schools.

The modus operandi is one of the various methods below:

1) Reassign the dispatch worker to a new school, usually far from home, and then claim damages when the employee says they can’t make the transfer.

2) Hire people who are just several months from visa renewal. Delay payment and then dismiss the worker. The worker is left with a visa issue, and so can’t fight both the visa and nonpayment matters at the same time.

3) Dismiss an employee after only working a few months, or even weeks. Claim that the school isn’t satisfied. Keep the money.

Louis Carlet over at the Tozen union is said to be handling several labor matters like this already, and I think Sean of Let’s Japan also highlighted one from the spring.

It astounds me that the Minshuto Education Ministry—now firmly under control of the Seven Mandarin wing of the party–is not on top of this. It also makes me wonder whether the LDP-hired bureaucracy isn’t still fully in control of the decision making in that ministry.

How much of the Japanese government is still just being run by holdovers from when the LDP was in charge (i.e. the past 20, 30, 40 years)?

There are already treaty issues with Americans being denied the same pension programs that the Japanese workers in the same company have. Now, that’s complicated by the fact that some employees aren’t even being paid!

For all the fluff that the press office of the U.S. Embassy puts out about “great relations” and “our strong allies the Japanese”, and “friends forever!”, I sure wish they would start addressing the more salient labor and contract matters where some of the Japanese are screwing American workers, or otherwise discriminating against them.

(Just because the POW slave laborers got shafted 60 years ago by Uncle Sammy’s rush to kiss the butt of whatever reformed fascists were running Japan, does not mean that another generation has to, too. The World War II atrocities were by far much worse, of course, but you see the basic comparison.)