It’s not Obama’s fault.

On my post from the other day, I just can’t help but wonder how gullible the American Republican Party (the “GOP” or grand old party) think we are.

The President and the bulk of the Democrats in Congress have been doing things for 18 months to try and get America out of its many predicaments—so many of which stem from failed Republican policies.

Sure, the economy sucks. Sure, America has its share of worries. But I remember the early 1970’s (Nixon Administration, Ford Administration) being times like that, too. It sounds like some people want the Democrats to have a lock on bad times—but usually there has been a Republican in office before setting things up that way.

I’ll fault Obama on the policies that are actually of his making. Not situations where he was called upon by the People to clean it up. And not ones where Republicans in Congress were looking to sabotage whatever he proposed.

I don’t trust Republicans anymore, because they don’t have honest, solid solutions to the problems America faces. It used to be a solid party. Now, it’s some kind of bad joke, led around by radio entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Please!