Passport renewal update: My express mail package is sitting in U.S. customs!

A quick update!

On July 8th, I sent out my renewal-by-mail of my U.S. passport. (See this post.)

The package arrived in San Francisco on July 10th, and looks to have been sitting in customs all week?

Here is the last update:

Your item cleared United States Customs at 3:15 PM on July 10, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

So which is it? Is it still in the Customs office, or is it on the delivery truck?

Why would a package addressed to “U.S. Embassy Tokyo, Unit 9800, Box 114, APO AP 96303” be sitting in Customs anyway? Isn’t it pretty clearly a passport renewal? [Update: “Surprise, surprise!” as Jim Neighbors Nabors used to say. I got a call from an Embassy representative earlier today who told me I should not use that address, since I am not in the U.S. military!]


5 Replies to “Passport renewal update: My express mail package is sitting in U.S. customs!”

  1. Since you’re dealing with the US mail and US government f*ck-ups should be expected. However, this is your passport and I understand your anxiety.

    If you don’t get your new passport within the next 30 days you’d better go back to the US Embassy and see if they can help.

  2. I just want to know why it had to pass through customs. It is obviously a passport renewal.

    If it automatically gets delivered to a P.O. Box, does anyone sign for it?

  3. I`m not sure how it works because I didn`t track the package when I sent it from Tokyo. But I did get the new as well as the old passport back within a month.

  4. It probably goes without saying but I will say it anyway.

    Once you get your passport back, remember you will have to schlep out to Shinagawa immigration to have your visa and re-entry permits shifted from you old passport to your new passport. You will need to take both out there with you.

    And, since your passport number has changed, you will also have to go to your local ward office (Shibuya) to update your gaijin card with the new information that they will write on the back of it as updated.

    1. Chuckers, I have those both on the “to do” list, but I appreciate your saying it here because I do get some readers!

      The one that I bet [that] people forget is to go down to the ward office with the new passport number, to update the tourokushomeisho

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