An enjoyable trip to Onjuku.

As a part of an English conversation circle that I hang with during the week, I took a trip to Onjuku, which is a beach resort town in Chiba Prefecture. It was my first trip ever to the Pacific Ocean. And I got to stay with wonderful people.

In New Jersey, we of course have the Atlantic Ocean, and I spent several summers there as a young person, with both my parents, and some years my grandparents as well.

The main difference between there and here is that the Japanese resort is much more sedate. I think places like Seaside Heights, even back in the 1970’s, were much more rowdy. (I just remember it as place where you could have a good time until someone ruined it for you.) Here, though, there’s a lot of civility and everyone at the beach understands that it’s there for everyone to enjoy. That’s one of those things that makes Japan special, ne?

I am somebody who needs to get out, and always have been. Probably why I was one of the first bloggers. I’m really happy that I was invited on this trip.