Passport Update: Watch where you send the package.

As I was telling you folks, I had sent my passport renewal from here in Tokyo to an “APO” address. (It was APO AP 96303, as per the website.)

It turns out, that was entirely WRONG.

If you are NOT in the military, the correct address is the Embassy in Akasaka.

Earlier today, I received a call from an Embassy representative–let’s call her “Ms. O”. Ms. O told me that the package I sent to the APO address was returned to Akasaka, which also means I wasted 12 days in this process. Apparently, the information on the State Department website for Tokyo was W-R-O-N-G ! I followed it, and now I am a bit screwed.

I don’t think the Embassy follows this blog, although someone at the State Department does from time-to-time. So it must be, that the APO people sent the package back to Japan and to Akasaka.

I am thankful that Ms. O called me and let me know the score. Also, it appears I can still get the $75 fee, since my original package was postmarked sooner than July 13.

The bottom line is: make sure if you do it by mail and you aren’t one of our military service people, that you SEND IT TO AKASAKA first.

I generally feel that those folks at the Embassy don’t do very much for us, so today I have to eat my words a little, because they did follow up on this one.

[Update: Per the comments section below, here are the screenshots that guided me to the wrong address. I really believe it’s the “OR” choice on the final one. CLICK TO ENLARGE.]