Shirley Sherrod gets axed on a lie.

This story is interesting.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture official was taped telling a story about her days working for a private nonprofit agency that was set up for struggling black farmers in Georgia.

In one part of the talk, she mentions about a white farmer who came to her group asking for help, and who seemed a little bit arrogant. She feels that maybe he should get help from his “own”, and so she puts him in contact with a white lawyer.

The lawyer wouldn’t touch his case, and so Ms. Sherrod said she realized that POOR is POOR, and it doesn’t matter what color you are. No one wants to help you.

So, she helps the farmer to keep his farm. (“God helped me see that it’s not just about black people, it’s about poor people.”)

Some right-wing nut, a lair basically, edits the film to show only the comments Ms. Sherrod made about the farmer and his original attitude, and her initial response.

The government apparently only sees this, and they insisted upon Ms. Sherrod’s resignation.

This is an Obama Administration screw up, for sure. Becuase if you know the whole story, here, you find that Ms. Sherrod really is a remarkable person and has really served the people (all the people) with a lot of class and consideration.

The person who made the attack video is known for twisting people’s words and actions out of context to the point of creating a lie. The Fox News network loves to pick these “controversy” stories up as news, and, well, there you go.

It’s so disgusting how the Republican Party and its agents love to play the race card. They do this with so many things, and it may have worked in the 1980’s, but you’d think they would just knock it off. Especially, when it ends up hurting innocent people like Ms. Sherrod.

I think the Obama Administration should get its act going and fix this injustice with an apology and a remedy.

[Update: From the Slate link.

That speech was some powerful stuff.

But then they started looking at the injustices that they faced and started then trying — you know, the people with money — you know, they started — the poor whites and poor blacks — they — you know, they married each other. They lived together. They were just like we would be. And they started looking at what was happening to them and decided we need to do something about it — you know, about this. Well, the people with money, the elite, decided, hey, we need to do something here to divide them.

So that’s when they made black people servants for life. That’s when the put laws in place forbidding them to marry each other. That’s when they created the racism that we know of today. They did it to keep us divided. And they — it started working so well, they said, gosh, looks like we’ve come up on something here that can last generations — and here we are. Over 400 years later, and it’s still working. What we have to do is get that out of our heads. There is no difference between us.

She is talking about the actual thing that the Republican Party and the people of wealth in America try to do.]