Extending unaffordable tax cuts for the extremely rich.

I hope this isn’t the headline every week. I caught on FireDogLake where there was a vote in the Senate on one issue, and a Southern Senator wanted to stick in making the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy a permanent thing.

What I don’t like is that it’s always these Senators from states that really don’t pay very much at all into the federal treasury who are trying to take the lead on tax policy. My feeling is, if your state is like South Carolina, and basically just takes federal money ( a “net taker”), you should shut up.

On the one hand, you have the Republicans wringing their hands about the deficit. On the other, you have Republican Senators from Net Taker States trying to get more tax cuts for the rich. By rich, we’re talking about people with millions or billions of dollars already, where a tax cut just makes the money pile bigger. It doesn’t go to create jobs or improve infrastructure.

The best thing Obama and the Congress could do is let the Bush ones expire, and come up with an Obama Tax Cut starting in 2011.

You can contrast the Bush Tax Cut, which mostly went to the wealthy, with an Obama Tax Cut, which should mostly go to the middle class.

The Democrats don’t know how to sell ideas.