Hello again to my Interac visitor!

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You know, I’m really surprised about this, because I had applied to this company some time ago. I never got a “yes”, so I suppose that that’s a “no”.

BUT, someone working at Interac comes to visit me every now and again. And unlike most visitors, who hit just one page or two, the Interac user (users?) hit ten or twelve.

So a shout out to Interac, while the Minshuto Government still keeps it around. You don’t have twenty minutes for me on the phone. Or in person. But plenty of time for my blog.

[Update: One from May 30 this year:

5 thoughts on “Hello again to my Interac visitor!

  1. Oh my god, I stalk my ex boyfriends on Facebook this EXACT same way. I have literally said these exact same phrases.

    “So you have time to log into Facebook for 30 minutes and post a comment on your friends photo album “via Facebook for iPhone” but you don’t have time to use that same phone to call me.”

    It is so comforting to know I am not alone. 😛

  2. hahaha you win! I seek it out!

    I bet dealing with complaints and problems due to poorly screened applicants gets stressful after a while and they head over here for entertainment.

    Should have required in-person interviews, Interac!

    1. I am wondering about this, since the one I noticed in May had to do with health insurance. Notice the entry post was: https://hoofin.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/japan-national-health-insurance-contributions-going-up-still-worth-it/

      So maybe someone got interested in reading about health insurance premiums for ward insurance? I know I had done some Facebook posting on this, and so maybe that’s what brought them there, somehow. Even though the link is clearly to that particular page about the Shibuya Ward notice.

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