WordPress news: Cutline has now become Coraline

To my regular visitors, if the blog seems a little bit off kilter, it’s because overnight WordPress changed my packaged theme from “Cutline” to “Coraline”. They are phasing out Cutline—cutting it out, in a manner of speaking.

I rully understand the fact that I am a bit behind in the technology world. I started blogging earlier than most people (2003), at a time when, if you blogged about anything, the people online who didn’t want it read would try and shut you down. Pre You Tube, and when it was a federal project even to post a picture of something online.

As I’ve said elsewhere, since that time the innovations seem to come out by the week. So I appreciate that WordPress is going to want to change the canned packages. I notice that there are more widgets to do things like incorporate Twitter. Somewhere, I suppose, is one to hook into Facebook and do all those other neat things.

I don’t want progress within techonlogy to stop. I just wish that all my settings stayed the same, and that the new stuff was clearly highlighted from the old.

It takes a while to learn the new tricks and gadgets, much less have to search for them.