“The ward office contacted me about health insurance!”

I keep getting these kind of hits, links, and e-mails more and more this summer, regarding Japanese health insurance.

I know I said it somewhere, and excuse me, I’m just to[o] lazy to go back and search it. But the point was, I didn’t think that the Japanese administrators would wait one fine day and announce that they were cracking down on people and companies who weren’t registered for the insurance. In fact, I thought it would be on a one-shot-after-another basis.

It’s very rare for an enforcement effort in anything to begin with one big announcement. It’s usually as simple as someone sends you a notice, gives you a phone call, or shows up at your residence.

I see this search term a few weeks ago: “Do I really have to pay Japanese health insurance?” Come on, where have you been? It’s been all over the internet for a year. If you have been reading the expat blogosphere and somehow you concluded that, after some big ruckus, the Japanese changed their mind and decided that you didn’t—it’s your own fault. I wouldn’t even blame the guy involved with the private insurance down in Hyogo-ken for that one.

I like e-mails. But when I get one asking me how you think you can get around paying the Japanese health insurance, I have to wonder: did you read my blog? I am one of the guys saying you have to be in it. Or at least, enroll. As early as possible and as soon as possible.

I don’t really give out the free legal advice or anything like that. I am not 100% in favor of everything that goes on in Japan, but then again, I am not 100% in favor of everything that goes on back home in America, either.

This is writing-on-the-wall stuff. Kuuki yomu.