Ozawa says Americans are simple minded. Americans give plenty of proof.

The man who has been, depending on your view, either the grit in oyster or the grit in the gears of Japan’s politics for the last 20 years had another thing to say this week, as he prepares to challenge Prime Minister Kan for the leadership of the DPJ.

According to Japanese English press, he called Americans “simple minded”. But Bloomberg has the story a little differently:

He yesterday called Americans ‘simple,’ likening them to “single- celled organism” in a speech to DPJ legislators.

I guess each is entitled to his opinion. But along comes Newsweek’s site, which points out the many misinformed things that small but sizeable numbers of Americans believe.

I particularly liked Number 6, which said that 20% of Americans firmly believed that the sun revolved around the Earth, not the other way around. Although it could be that 20% is the number of people who don’t pay attention to the question . . ..