Rich people in the shadows, messing around in American politics.

As it’s always been, but lately people in the press have been taking the initiative to put a little more public exposure on the ones who aren’t household names.

Frank Rich did a nice op-ed on the weekend about the Koch brothers of Texas, who are bankrolling these spontaneous “Tea Party” movements you’ve been reading about.

To me, the Tea Party smells. Most of the ideas coming from them sound like, well, they sound like some pair of billionaire brothers are pumping money into a group of dummies to advance the billionaires’ political agendas. One of which is to return our country back to the 19th century or even earlier.

The New York article that Frank Rich mentions is here.

These super-rich people in the shadows are doing a great deal to undermine our country and the American way of life. If they didn’t have the billions, people would be calling them menaces.

Surprised the Blue Texan over at FireDogLake isn’t all over this one . . .