Pew religion survey: I got 14 of 15 (93%)

The folks at the Pew endowment or research center came up with a poll to show how dopey people in America were about religious facts and figures.

Guess what? I only missed one. That’s better than the Jews, the athiests, the Mormons (sorry, Interac), and a whole slew of various Protestant denominations, as well as the Roman Catholics. The only one I missed was whether nirvana was a concept from Hinduism or Buddhism. Now I know.

For a guy for whom one claim to fame is trying to hold an Episcopalian parish to its rules via the Pennsylvania court system, I think getting more right than 97% of America is pretty damn good. Try it yourself.

[Update: the quiz via the Christian Science Monitor. The original is 32 questions, but I don’t have time for it.]