BurgerTime CM: “We’re closed now!”

This one is from about 1983, and sorry that the only video I could find was not the clearest reproduction of the commercial.

I was talking to friends a couple of weeks ago about the earliest video games that we had in the ’80’s. Of course, there was Pac Man. But I was surprised no one in the group had ever heard of BurgerTime, which I knew was from Japan. According to this site, it was named “Hamburger” here. The name was changed to BurgerTime for U.S. marketing.

The commercial is a classic from my teenage days, and everyone remembers the giant frankfurter at the end, going “WE’RE CLOSED NOW!” I’d forgotten the beginning, where the couple goes to the drive-up speaker box, and the order taker says, “help me!”

Man, the commercial seems so dated, but I know that game was a hit.

On a day that SuperMario Brothers celebrates a 25th anniversary (9/13/1985), it seems fitting that BurgerTime get some time as weil.

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