Be Yes! English teachers – a great web series.

I caught this one from Shawn at Let’s Japan.

It is a story of a couple minutes about an English teacher working for a fictional Japanese “Eikaiwa” called Be Yes! You get it, right? Be Yes! is another way of saying B.S., which is bullsh*t. (A lot of English teaching in Japan is just that.)

I just really like this flick. What’s wonderful is the way the creators make fun of the typical person who shows up in Japan to teach English. I especially like the portrayal of the lifer “gaijin”. I have met several long-term residents here who are just like that, and it’s a shame that my tax money and my country’s military protection has to go to protect the likes of them. But that’s out of my hands, really.

Please take a look at this webisode and enjoy.