Be Yes! English teachers – a great web series.

I caught this one from Shawn at Let’s Japan.

It is a story of a couple minutes about an English teacher working for a fictional Japanese “Eikaiwa” called Be Yes! You get it, right? Be Yes! is another way of saying B.S., which is bullsh*t. (A lot of English teaching in Japan is just that.)

I just really like this flick. What’s wonderful is the way the creators make fun of the typical person who shows up in Japan to teach English. I especially like the portrayal of the lifer “gaijin”. I have met several long-term residents here who are just like that, and it’s a shame that my tax money and my country’s military protection has to go to protect the likes of them. But that’s out of my hands, really.

Please take a look at this webisode and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Be Yes! English teachers – a great web series.

  1. Yes! I can’t wait to watch these as they are released. I’m hoping the overt Scrubs rip-off format means it’ll be just as funny. The Staggeringly-Underqualified-Humanities-Graduate-Coming-To-China/Japan/Taiwain/Korea-To-Teach-English genre is such an untapped resource of comedy I can’t believe more of these things don’t exist.

    Side Note, is this the actor from My Darling Is A Foreigner? I only saw half of that movie on a flight to Seoul recently, (because a flight to Seoul from Japan doesn’t take up a whole movie, or even half of one) but what I did see was some trite dramatization of “issues” that face international couples in Japan that actually does more to hurt its own cause than help it, which leaves you wondering if they’re actually that blind, and what their cause was in the first place. Hope this series isn’t more of the same.

  2. Nice catch, Kei. Yes, according to the credits, the main character is played by Jonathan Sherr who played Tony Lazlo in “My Darling Is A Foreigner.” I didn’t recognise him without the beard (not that I really know him to begin with.)

    I haven’t seen the movie but the books are fairly decent. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about the movie at all.

  3. I think the comics are cute too, and I never caught the end of that movie, so I can’t condemn it altogether. I just didn’t get a very socially productive vibe from the first half. My favorite part of this English Teachers episode is on the white board in the teachers room someone wrote, “Don’t forget your lesson plans!”

    Hey NOVA, “Don’t forget to screen your applicants!”

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