A cold one in Tokyo for a change.

I thought I would be skipping down the street in relief when this summer’s heat and humidity finally broke. But in fact, the last couple days have been downright chilly.

I’ve been around Tokyo for six summers, and I don’t remember when one where the weather changed quite so fast. One day it was 90 something and you’re wondering how it can stay so hot and sweltering this late in September. The next thing you know, it’s rainy and in the low 60’s–chillier than you’d rather have it.

I sweat a lot during the typical humid summer. You know, both Japan and New Jersey are in the same climate category, “humid subtropical”. But I am not really a big fan of the fall. Back in my school days, it meant going back to school, which even now I look back with amazement that I ever got through. My grandparents who I knew had all passed away at some point after Labor Day. All the greenery just disappears, even though it’s an event to see the leaves change.

It’s when that fall chill hits, though. Brrrr.

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