Interac to disband?

H/T to occasional reader “Samurai” on this one. Some poking around sent me to the Osaka General Union website, which has had this up for a couple days (Japanese only).

I’m not sure if this is some kind of liquidation or a reorganization; but I think that Interac is the biggest of the ALT Dispatch companies in Japan. The part I’d want to see more information about is whether this is involving the other two companies that are related to Interac: Maxceed and Selnate. Selnate is Utah-based, so it’s an American company doing business in Japan.

I suppose that more will be forthcoming. Again, it’s a disappointment that the Japanese government doesn’t just set up a “Teach for Japan” program and open it up to all qualified applicants. It would rationalize JET (Japan Exchange Teachers) and put some structure on this murky ALT Dispatch activity, where the news and surprises mimic what has been going on in the large-scale (e.g. Nova, GEOS) Eikaiwa mills.

Update – Footnote: Is this possibly just a way to shift Dispatch contracts to an affiliate that can front as “purely Japanese”, and thereby get around U.S. civil rights laws? Is it a way to get around paying overdue shakai hoken?