If I were really smart.

I suppose what I would do is, rather than twist in the wind trying to make in Japan, go home–as I hinted–and talk about the tough knocks that you get here as an American in Japan.

Especially with the mid-term elections underway.

If I didn’t return to New Jersey, I would go to Pennsylvania, as I have family there, and more that moved in.

Two noteworthy things to know about Pennsylvania politics right now are:

1) The biggest issue is jobs, and particularly about shipping American jobs overseas. It’s just really hotbutton.

2) Five of Pennsylvania’s 19 federal Congressional districts are in competitive contests right now. Nate Silver at the New York Times has the chance of their flipping to the Republicans as such:

PA-10 Christopher Carney (81%)
PA-11 Paul Kanjorski (81%)
PA-3 Kathleen Dahlkemper (74%)
PA-8 Patrick Murphy (71%)
PA-12 Mark Critz (53%)

Nate is actually saying that the first four are 3/4 or 4/5ths goners in favor of the challenger. But some critics think his methodology is too harsh and does not factor in the possibility of late-campaign surges.

If Nate is correct, the Republicans will have 223 seats and control of the House. So, as you can see, getting five out of Pennsylvania is critical in that.

I happen to support the Democrats, and so do not really think the Republicans can do very much for everyday Americans like myself. But I wonder why Japan, of all places, has to be difficult for the ordinary expat like myself? And shouldn’t this really be a conversation that the people of Pennsylvania have, as part of the general topic of shipping American jobs overseas? (Even when the American does get the American job overseas, the foreign people find a way to boot them out.)

Again, the Democrats have a lot of headaches right now, and do they really need that kind of human interest story popping up in Pennsylvania newspapers during a tough election cycle? Probably not. Or on Scranton television.

But maybe I am just not smart.