Japan dispatching work: has the law changed?

This one comes up in the context of my visa renewal.

I had thought that I’d registered with a dispatch agency who shall remain nameless. (And no, it’s not Interac, it’s another one.)

As I understand the labor law in Japan, the dispatch company first hires you. Then, they dispatch you out to a client company. I have worked dispatch before, and this is what I understood.

In August, I signed up with a company who took my bank account information, copies of passport and ARC, and had me sign a confidentiality statement.

Now, I’m being told I am not an employee of that dispatch company. Even though they took the bank information and had me sign a confidentiality statement.

Which is it? I don’t think dispatch is the kind of thing where the dispatch company hires you only when they find a client for an assignment, (or fires you when the job ends.) Has something changed?

This is really just one more headache, because it looks like I’m blowing hot air, when the unnamed company in fact looks like it’s doing something that’s technically not right . . .

5 thoughts on “Japan dispatching work: has the law changed?

      1. It sounds like they didn’t get past a background check phase. If you never went to work and never got paid for anything, there is no evidence at all that you have any kind of contract with the dispatch company (unless, perhaps, if the NDA identifies you as an “employee”).

        Ordinarily I think they would have you sign or hanko something, if only because an employment relationship with no written T&Cs would imply permanent employment and they probably wouldn’t want to imply that.

        1. That’s just it, isn’t it? But if it’s dispatch, you (one) might be permanently never sent out to a job, so . . .

        2. P.S. the number of people I have run into in town without the actual CPA license they claim to have has been significant (2/3rds approximately) I don’t think companies do background checks. Isn’t there some kind of privacy law, too, about snooping beyond certain basics?

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