Hello to Temple University!

Hello to whoever it was who visited my Temple Japan Rent blog post on Friday–sorry I missed you!

The things I am wondering of late here on the Tokyo side is [are]:

If Temple Japan has debt back to Main Campus, how much is the debt, and why did they incur it?

Did Temple in Philadelphia secure the Minami Azabu Tokyo campus with a capital transfer to Temple Japan/TESS, and is that what TESS is paying $300,000 back to Philadelphia for?

When Temple issues the Deloitte-audited 2010 numbers, is there going to be an elucidation of this issue?

Is this really Pennsylvania taxpayer money being funneled, via the $180 million Commonwealth grant ($178 million or whatever), into the Tokyo real estate market? That’s all it is really, isn’t it? In order to give jobs to non-Americans?

Nice to see your visit.