Trying to wrap up a landlord issue in Tokyo.

My apartment building has recently been very empty . . .

. . . as you can tell from this set of mailboxes. The tenants do not clean out the junk mail, because for the most part, other than myself and my neighbor, there aren’t really tenants.

Eight “1K” apartments. Two tenants.

Now, here’s the issue: I have a two month security deposit the landlord, that I want applied to the rent. Technically, the security deposit is meant as security. But practically, this building is not being rented out in the usual fashion. You can see what that means, don’t you? If I leave the country, that security deposit would never find its way back to me.

Additionally, the landlord plays a couple of games. His agent calls the apartments “monthly mansions”, a la Leopalace. But they rent some out in regular lease fashion. Others seem to be rented out to a modeling company on an “as needed” basis. This means the modeling company pays, well, rent. Then has the “right” to stick one of their flown-in employees in that apartment during an assignment. Allegedly, the price they (the modeling company) pays is at a heavy discount.

So in one breath, I’ve been told that my lease is really a “hotel” where I happen to have a 200,000 yen security deposit requirement. But then, I learn that the people one floor below are in there on a transient basis, where the actual renter gets a sizable discount because they describe their rental agreement as the option to stick people in the apartment when needed.

I think I’d be stupid to keep paying money beyond what the actual rent is when my future in Japan is not certain. (There is another issue of previous overcharges, but I’ll leave that out for now.)