Sharron Angle delves into ethnic politics.

The Senate race in Nevada is the one where the Democrats’ Senate Leader is locked in a tight race with a Tea Party (core Republican) candidate named Sharron Angle.

Recently, Ms. Angle has been running campaign ads and making flubs in her campaign speech that suggest she doesn’t respect the Hispanic community in America. The target is purportedly illegal aliens, but for practical purposes, she is really trying to divide non-Hispanic voters from the Democratic Party.

The idea is get people upset about illegal immigration, and falsely connect Harry Reid to the problem. But like the Chinese professor commercial the other day, the subtext is single out an ethnic group to make them be the scapegoat for America’s current problems.

It’s not to say that illegal immigration is not a problem. The point is how the political handlers of Sharron Angle’s campaign are going about it is more to play to people’s sentiments about Hispanic immigration and living with Latinos in a community.

She also made a silly comment speaking to a group of Hispanic students at a college. She said something along the lines, “you don’t look Latino. Some of you look a little Asian to me.” It might have been a harmless comment, except for the fact that her campaign also run ads that make people from Mexico look like criminal thugs.

By the way, on the parody of the Chinese professor ad, this is the source of the comment, “I thought I was going to be talking to Latinos, but you look Asian to me.”

A third commercial, that I don’t have a link to, which allegedly ran in Nevada suggests that Hispanics and Latinos shouldn’t bother voting at all.

What makes this all sad is that America truly does have pressing issues that the government needs to address. But ethnic politicking is not having us know specifically what Sharron Angle intends to do.

There are real problems, but this is definitely not the approach, is it?