Shifting gears in the shifting sands.

Over the next couple weeks, it looks like I have to wrap up Japan.

I try to put a certain level of quality into this blog, so that it’s not simply a Twitter post (140 Roman letters). I am a quick writer, but I have to dedicate a certain amount of effort to coming up with different topics that interest me and that interest you!

It’s a damn shame that my Japan time is turning out the way it has. I don’t know whether it’s so much that I’ve tried everything or that I tried everything reasonable, but I just have to be very practical in the next couple weeks. Also, you may be reading a very New Jersey or Pennsylvania-based blog two months from now!

My two chances are landing a job in the next three weeks, or possibly finding a shiho shoshi who can file an appeal on my visa. It really feels like those midterm polling charts of the Democrats’ chances of keeping the House of Representatives.

Thanks as always for visiting, and I will try to keep the interest up.