One thing I saw on the train home at Ochanomizu Friday.

I meant to mention this over the weekend, but I got hung up on that Temple sh*t.

Coming home from an ichi-ji-kai in town, I made my way on the Chuo [Sobu] Line. If you change at Akihabara, of course, you usually have to change again during the late hours at Ochanomizu (the next stop). It’s weird how the announcement is for a kakuekiteisha (a local train making every stop), then telling you that it is only heading for Ochanomizu (the next stop). I don’t suppose there is an express to Ochanomizu?

At Ochanomizu, the people want to transfer to an express train to go to parts west of Shinjuku. So it was very crowded and people wanted to get on the train. There was a young woman, who maybe had one or two extra, if you know what I am getting at, and she seemed to be having a hard time standing up. She was just crouched there.

When it came time to get on the train, someone tapped her shoulder and she stood up But she couldn’t stay up! And so suddenly she spins around and it looks like she is going to stumble and fall onto the Akihabara tracks. Oh no! But then, she stops and seems like she is going to fall backward and hit her head on the platform floor. Perhaps by the grace of God, she instead bumps the back of her head on the pole there, and thankfully on nothing sharp like a sign or a call box. I was sure she cut her head.

It was sad, scary, comical, and a bit pathetic all at once. It was very natural, but it was also like there were angels keeping her from just missing a very serious accident.

I just couldn’t get on the train while that was happening, (and honestly there was no room.) So I asked the woman if she was OK and tried to find out what station she was going to. I think it was Koenji, which is a ways away.

When the local came, I got her on it, and she tried to stand up, but she ended up on the floor. The Suidobashi and Iidabashi people got on OK, but for some reason she decides to get up at Ichigaya, and head off! There was no blood on the floor, which was a relief. And, I figured that if she knew enough to get up and off the train at a stop, she knew what she was doing. The real problem was that not enough blood was getting to her brain so that it could function with her standing. She ended up leaning against the staircase in Ichigaya, trying to make a phone call on the keitai.

At that point, I was done being Good Samaritan for that evening.

The saddest thing was how nobody stopped in Ochanomizu. It reminded me of an incident in Philadelphia in ’93, that I’ll talk about some other time. People see something bad happening, and they go the other way.

Granted, we all have to be responsible for ourselves. At a train station, yes, there are train personnel. But I was really surprised how everyone had to make that express train.

[Update: The location was right about here on the platform.