Real or fake? A puzzle for you.

I have a lot on the agenda this week in RL, so I want to leave you with this today.

There is a blog out there called Inside-Outside Living in Japan

Here is a snapshot of a robtex entry for the URL (click to enlarge):

What I’d like you to do (anyone who wants to spend five or six minutes on it) is assess the overall site, and in particular, give me your opinion of the comments. They’re spammed, aren’t they? Fake. They’re added to make the blog look like it has more of following than it really does.

Sounds “out of the blue” as a request, I know. But I am just curious about people’s opinions, and I’ll explain down the road.

3 thoughts on “Real or fake? A puzzle for you.

  1. IMHO, the comments don’t seem as “unreal” to me as the blog itself. For some reason, it reads like copy-paste from elsewhere. The knife post did have a tinge of advertorial to it, though.

    1. I agree. That was my gut feeling. It seemed a bit that “Karen” was keen on taking someone else’s “copyrighted material” (notice how she lets people know this on every post) and re-posting it on her own site. I have people out there doing that with mine.

      The interesting thing about the comments is that they could very well be half-fake, half authentic. Someone puts up posts on a sock-blog. Real people read it and later add their own, authentic, posts. But the point I have about that is: look at how few my site gets, and the depth of the commenters’ additions. In some cases, their contribution has a higher word-count than mine. Yet, I show up, so to speak, in websites that track the “long tail” bloggers of the internet. That would be blogs ranked from say, #2,000,000 to #20,000,000 on an Alexa search. (Long tail meaning: If they got graphed as a function of 1/x, it looks like the tail of an asymptote.)

      I’ll give this much away, since I have posted the next post in the series. “Karen”, real or not, is meant to legitimize some other site that contains some pretty serious slander.

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