Clue #3: There is no Sergio Lombardi or Dominique Jennings Flemings

More on my post from yesterday.

Those several of you who found the site that slammed me notice that the author purports to be two real people, Sergio Lombardi and Dominique Jennings [Flemings, whatever]. But the problem is, there are none in Japan. They’re not here. No restaurant consultant, no interior design chick.

Sergio Lombardi is about as real as Sergio Valente. (I don’t know if any of my American readers remember this commercial by the way, from about summer 1980 . . .)

“Uh-oh, Sergio!” Sergio Lombardi! Sergio Lombardi! I gotta come up with a set of lyrics for that one.

So, as I was saying yesterday, the website, once you find it, is a piece of work. It’s designed to look like a credible blog, authored by these “real people” who have nothing better to do than to review the other blogs that expats in Japan write. You know, they’re just doing their review of the Japan blogs, and “oh, look, here’s one in the long tail, (that has a daily readership of about 70). Let’s make a critique and insert a number of personal attacks against the author!” Yes, why not? Ech.

I was saying last month that I have been in the blog world since 2003, when I used to blog local politics in Bridgewater, New Jersey (USA). I have always used a pen name, but I have been by no means anonymous. I simply write with a pen name because I am most comfortable with it, that’s all. Originally, in fact, it was because local political people were accusing me of trying to set up a vehicle “to get my name out there” when the idea of doing an end-run around newspapers and party committees was a novelty (at best) in politics.

I’ve had an internet connection since maybe 1997. So I’ve [seen] it all in terms of what people try to do when they don’t like the fact that you use the internet. The tricks used, the attacks–the people always think they’ve come up with something really clever and elaborate. But it’s always the same shit in the end.

I went to law school and I am pretty responsible with my speech. Whenever I have gone at anybody, it’s because I had the goods. But most of that ton of text that makes up Hoofin is talking about events and ideas, not people. Where it has been people, the vast majority are current or former elected officials or political candidates.

It’s always astounded me though, that for some people, the internet is an open invitation to do nutty things. I guess sock blogging and trojan horse defamation is just the latest fad.