The United States as a banana republic.

It’s been seeming that way, too, to me, for some time. Nicholas Kristof makes that case in the New York Times. (On the Times?) Kristof, who if I remember correctly, was a Times reporter in Japan during the 1990’s, is pointing out America’s extreme income inequality. It’s only matched my the asset inequality, which sometimes gets mentioned in articles like these.

My own concern is that the Rule of Law has been the thing getting most beat up in the U.S.’s descent into Thrid World status.

Because so many people don’t understand what is happening and why, it’s hard to get a handle on and fix. I think the people of my grandparents and great-grandparents’ day understood the issues a lot more keenly, because they really felt them in their daily lives. Here in Japan, too, a book written in the 1920’s about the serf economy, whose title translates as “Crab Ship Factory” (Kani Kousen), became popular in the last couple years.

The values America needs to fight for and restore are not quite those that the silly Tea Party nuts were yapping about before the election.

If people want to do something about income inequality, the issue has to get off the Editorial Page in the Times and into the everyday papers throughout the land; but most of which, unfortunately, are still owned by very wealthy people!