Success! A productive trip to Shinagawa immigration.

An update on my visa situation.

As I had been telling you all, I was up against a renewal deadline this month. It’s been weighing heavily on me, and not just because of the emotional issues of having to leave friends and a place that you’ve lived over 5 years in. But just the simple logistics of packing and getting everything in order.

I have been working on staying, but of course I’ve also been working on the agenda for what I do when I go back home, which looks right now to be Pennsylvania. (I will have the change the banner at the top, where I say about New Jersey. When was the last time I blogged about the state? Here I am one of the first who did.)

This slight change of plans has disrupted things in my circle of friends. As I’ve said before (September 4?), a number of Japan bloggers write more about the difficulties of being here than about the good times. I met a number of wonderful people in Japan, and some wanted to give me Farewell Parties. So I’ve been going to these, but it turns out that, well, now my schedule has changed a bit.

This has really put me, and them maybe, on the spot. Thanks to immigration, now I don’t have to do everything exactly the frantic way I had planned it last month. I can make a new frantic plan. Although I’ve been given the suggestion that since my crowd expected I’d be going, say, next week, I can’t disappoint them! Oh, what to do!

I also have received several nice going-away gifts, which I really like.

I really wanted these to be appreciation parties, and not going away ones. I appreciate all these people of mine saying nice things about me. An appreciation party is my way of saying thank you to them.