Quantatitive easing: this cartoon is hilarious.

I picked this one up from Jane Hamsher’s firedoglake site.

I happen to believe that the Fed has to target a 3% or 4% inflation to get us out of the current economic funk. So I am in favor of the QE2 (second round of quantitative easing). I also think Ben Bernanke is one of the better economists out there, and we are lucky to have him at the Fed. Long-time readers will remember that I had pointed out six or so years ago that Bernanke should be the Fed chairman when Alan Greenspan would finally step down.

What makes the video funhy is the sardonic wit and the shots at Goldman Sachs and the idea of incompetence in government in general.

I think this cartoon is going to create a number of gag lines and skits for the next couple years.