One of my themes is how the internet perpetrates frauds. It doesn’t mean everything on it is one!

A theme from a couple of days ago is how very few posted internet jobs are real. Friends and others have been pointing out to me that most of job search in the pre-internet days (the 20th century) involved networking and contacts, and so nothing’s really changed. Someone else pointed out that not everything on the net is bogus, so I should try to figure out what the real positions are. But they didn’t have a yardstick for me.

I got the advice to just start doing cold-call visits to HR departments. I actually did that a few times in my early days here; but a few of the receptionists thought that I had an actual appointment. So it became an exercise in confusion, taking an hour or so.

In a couple of cases, my resume came back via Japan Post, with a plastic cover and all.

Another person mentioned Hello Work, which allegedly has a special section for non-Japanese. But this is actually a section for non-Japanese who are holding permanent residency. The government makes a special effort there, because these people aren’t officially time-limited. Plus, you can guess that there might be more social issues involved with unemployed PR residents–usually they have settled down and established a family in Japan.

Hello Work (the Japanese employment/unemployment agency) could easily run the ALT positions and other teaching jobs that people see–real or not–on GaijinPot or the sister sites. They could easily do what ACCJ claims to be doing with E-Central. But they don’t, and I think part of the reason is that they might have to cull out the real from the fake.

Still other folks say “set up your own business”. Easier said than done. There are one yen corporations, but then you have to have customers. Doing sweat equity to establish a company, with a contribution of other people’s capital, is an idea. But just kind-of doing it yourself, when you are not already in a good situation, is not so good.

I know there are legitimate jobs out there, being posted as needles in the haystack of ones made to look like companies are doing great business. But: Which ones?

And if I do accounting, my career profession, how do I cut through the crowd of candidates who are really ex-Nova, ex-GEOS, whose fellow Eikaiwa teachers became Tokyo headhunters?

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