The roots of litigation.

I am fairly convinced that the root of many a contemporary lawsuit stem from one basic thing: a failure to respond to a request. A failure to discuss a matter.

It’s that stupid Godfather movie, the one where the actor says, “here’s my offer, Senator. Nothing.” I just think it put it into a whole generation’s head that that sort of behavior was acceptable. [Update: As I read the actual movie quote, though, it looks like Geary was asking to shakedown the Coreleones for more money. So the quote has taken a life of its own in the quips about bargaining intransigence and purposefully ignoring entreaties.]

Because later, these weasels will invariably try to bring up, as an issue, “If only you had come to us about this!” to try and make you look bad.

When I get a chance to link it, I’m putting the report about how the United States was found to have a banana republic level of justice in contemporary times. It’s true. People just don’t take certain important basic things seriously anymore.


One Reply to “The roots of litigation.”

  1. This one just reminded me of one of my classics from the early days of blogging, concerning an outfit called the Green Knoll Grille:

    I remember how the owner was just being uncooperative with a community in my old town back home, Bridgewater Township. But when things came to a head, all he could talk about was how “unreasonable” the other side was for not just letting him blow them off.

    Nowadays it’s just an ongoing problem in our society: The Godfather movie.

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