Today’s Tokyo walk – Sky Tree from Tomigaya

I hoped to give you all a next-day picture of the moon and Venus; however it was overcast this morning. So, I didn’t have a picture that looked good. But I did spot my first view of Tokyo Sky Tree, from the pedestrian overpass (Kamiyamacho) of Yamate Doori.

You and I would be looking down that street, toward our own area’s imposing NHK Building. It would have to be a fairly clear day, too, obviously. But if you look off in the distance, there is grayish outline of what looks to be a Sky Tree.

I am always putting in that note about “click to enlarge”. Because these are all coming from one meg shots. But for the folks who really just cursorily visit me to see the headline of the day, I realize you don’t have the extra time. So I am doing the blow ups on this one.

It would be right about in the center of this shot, where the curving utility wires are at their lowest. to the left of the one utility pole.

That is what it is, isn’t it? Sky Tree.

I like the fact that, in this picture, you have the home base of Japan’s major broadcaster, and the massive instrument that is going to be sending NHK’s signals throughout the Kantou region in the near future.

I wonder what that means for NHK’s distinctive microwave top?

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