Tokyo Venus and the moon: two days later

Here we are today, and the Earth has spun around twice since my first post about this week’s Tokyo sky.

The moon and Venus are now close enough to get them in frame without having to go diagonally with the keitai’s camera.

We see them as “up” in the sky. But in fact, they are “out” in nearly the same plane or band as we are. They only seem up, because we are looking at them from the side of the ball. Oh, sure, we feel that we are top of the ball–as I said, if it isn’t really flat in fact! But we are at about 35 North latitude–the side of the ball.

So let’s put the picture in proper focus:

The one from two days ago, below, had more distance between the moon and Venus. (Venus is pointed to by the arrow.)

It’s mostly the moon that has been doing the moving during the intervening 48 hours, but Venus has moved a little bit, too. Saturn was visible today, above the moon. It wasn’t visible to the camera though . . .

The moon is waning, (like my time in Japan, it feels.)

Both are in Virgo. I am in limbo.


Here is the Sky software shot:

One thought on “Tokyo Venus and the moon: two days later

  1. I managed to catch them this morning on my way to work at about 6 am. Very impressive display.

    Thanks for the head’s up about which morning star that was.

    Probably have one or two more decent days of the moon in its waning phase but it looks like it will be raining tomorrow.

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